Sword Art Online Sword

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  • Sword is the same as with the original
  • Material: pvc, wood
  • Length: 115cm
  • Color: Black
  • Blade length: 84.5cm
  • Handle length: 24.5cm
  • Not so heavy, suitable for most people
  • Exquisite appearance and superb craftsmanship
  • The tail of sword is polished, not very sharp, it can be safer
  • Customized including the length, material and color
  • Customize your own sword by curving your name

Sword Art Online and Kirito Sword

Sword art online is the first virtual game world, as well as the setting of the first arc of the story. The world is shaped like a giant floating castle called Aincrad with 100 houses in it. Each plant has a medieval theme and set a dungeon with a boss who defeated before the player can access to the floor above. Like most RPGs, you implement a system on the plane.

In 2022, virtual reality massively multiplayer online role playing (VRMMORPG) Sword Art Online (SAO) released. With the speed of nerve, a user virtual reality headset stimulates all five senses through his brain, and it is possible for players to control their characters in the game with his head. And kirito sword -- sword art online sword has become a righteous symbol.

Sword Art Online Sword Art Online

On November 6, 2022, all players in the first period, then you are not in a position of having to disconnect. You will be notified Kayaba Akihiko, creator of ODS, if we want to be free, you have to reach the tower's 100th floor game and defeat the final boss. However, if your characters die in the game, their bodies will die in the real world. The story follows Kirito; an experienced player who is determined to win the game is to win. As the game for two years, finally Kirito befriends a player named Asuna, who finally falls. After the duo discovers the identity of the avatar in Kayaba AOS, face and defeat liberate themselves and other players in the game.

In Sword art online, there is moved love story, Kirito and Asuna. In order to save Asuna, Kirito use his sword to overcome all the difficulties in the way, but the ending is that Asuna want to save Kirito in emergency situations, so she kept off from other’s sword which is ready to stab Kirito...And then, Asuna died, Kirito didn’t use his sword to save his lover’s life, he feel pain, and hardly wished to live… In the end, Kirito have to back to reality.

The Properties of Sword Art Online Sword/Elucidator

The Properties of Elucidator